Followup: Rabbit glamour shots.

This post is totally safe for the rabbit-lover to view.

Yesterday’s post left me sad that I didn’t have any good pictures of the buns to share. So, before our threatened 6-9 inches of snow (which will likely be an inch of sleet) rolls in, I popped out to the rabbitry and took a few new ones.

Another fascinating rabbit fact: despite the propaganda put forth by Bugs Bunny cartoons and Peter Rabbit storybooks, rabbits are actually way more excited about the tops of carrots than they are about the orange root. If they get in your garden, they’re eating the greens down to the ground, not digging out the carrot itself. So I bribed the critters with the tops of a bunch from the co-op, and here they are:

Mr. Bigfoot, happily crunching away.

Mr. Bigfoot, happily crunching away.

and his ladyfriend:

Rhetta Rabbit, of the sultry eyes.

Rhetta Rabbit, of the sultry eyes.

Grace wasn’t feeling it: she took her carrot to the corner, giving me another fabulous picture of bunny butt. Not photogenic. They’re mighty cute though. And who knows, maybe Rhetta’s even pregnant.

This time.

Tomorrow on The Bog: the care and feeding of sourdough. Because I think recipes would be fun, don’t you?


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