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The 2nd Annual Pig and Pie

This led, as you do on roadtrips, to a rambling conversation about pigs, raising pigs, eating pigs, ROASTING pigs… And before we knew it, I’d found directions online to build a pig roaster, and a plan was hatched. Continue reading

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Chickens in the Garden

There’s a lot of information on the web these days, on how to ‘garden with your chickens’. Sites praise the fertilizing qualities of composted chicken poop (totally true) and rhapsodize about the helpful animals, turning your soil and living in … Continue reading

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Wee bunny ears

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On baby bunnies and little mamas

Well, it finally happened! Despite our 3 strikes at rabbit breeding, and my anxious post on Friday (see Is this Rabbit Pregnant??), we are finally a small, but breeding, rabbitry. In the last few hours, our girls did basically EVERYTHING … Continue reading

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Gracie kindled in the night (8 kits, we think, all round bellied and healthy), and Rhetta probably will tonight. Much longer post on this topic coming tomorrow. But before I go, look how big the Impulse Chickens are getting! Poor … Continue reading

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Clearly, I wrote too soon. This afternoon, Rhetta is busily making a nest, and exhibiting classic haystache behavior. I think we really really (probably) have at least one pregnant rabbit! Hooray!!! Perhaps our rabbit-raising woes are over. We’ll know for … Continue reading

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Question of the day: Is this rabbit pregnant??

As you may remember, the very first post for this blog detailed our ongoing difficulties in getting our new Blue American rabbits successfully bred and delivered. I even put a little ticker on the bottom of the blog, counting off … Continue reading

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The Colonoscopy, part 2: No legally-binding decisions and no shopping online

It’s sort of magical. You’re there, then you’re not there, then you wake up. I always ask when we’re going to be starting, it’s always already over. A little blip, like time travel, and meanwhile they’ve been inserting cameras up my butt, taking samples and pictures, removing polyps. Continue reading

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Bunny Butt.

In hopes of distracting myself from the day’s activities, I offer Rhetta and Grace Rabbit, eating. You know, since I can’t. Enjoy!

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On chicken coops

Our old chicken coop went off to its new home today, to live in the backyard of our dear friends’ house, and shelter a new set of family egg layers. We build the chicken hut (editorial note: any time I … Continue reading

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