I am, at least theoretically, back.

3 years.

From left to right, Lucy, Neville, and Ethyl Sheep. More on Neville the Infertile and Jamie the Red (our new ram) to come.

Yup, it’s been a long time- not because I didn’t love sharing the news of our little farm with all of y’all- but because we had some super big changes, all of which were time-consuming. But here on the (hopefully) downslope of the pandemic, perhaps I have time to share with this little corner of the internet again.

Here’s the fast recap:

Bought a farm
Moved a couple counties over
Got a new full time job with benefits (!)
Added sheep to our stable of critters
Added a new autoimmune disorder, just for fun

So you know, it’s been BUSY, friends. And rather than trying to recap any of that, I’m going to just start where we are: end of January, locked down in pandemic, working from home, waiting for our first LAMBING SEASON!

More coming soon, from here on the farm.

Ethyl Sheep. Not-so-secretly my favorite, and at least theoretically pregnant.

Let Me Explain Sum Up GIF from Letmeexplain GIFs

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