Not the most flattering picture ever, but I love how hard I’m laughing.

(The face of a woman with a dozen adolescent chickens trying to hide under her skirt. Chickens tickle, did you know? Photo credit: Aja May)

  • Who’s writing this, anyway?

Who am I? Gloriously happy North Carolina transplant. Ambivalent phd candidate. Invisible professor. Crohns warrior. Amazon. Enthusiastic writer, reader, cook, maker. Has perhaps too many animals. Often found baking, cooking, reading, feeding the critters, or ‘researching stuff’ (see also f@#$ing around on the internet).

Oh, and before I went to grad school in search of a ‘real job’, I worked as a chef for 20 years. Ask me about touring with Cher and Cyndi Lauper, or about cooking for 500 topless lesbians in the woods.

  • Why ‘Species Confusion’?

I find that most days, like a parent with too many kids, I’m unsure what creature I’m currently addressing. So I call the dogs chickens, the rabbits dogs, and sing Little Bunny Foo Foo to the dogs.

  • Got another question for me?

Ask it in the comments, and I’ll likely answer. Unless it’s too personal. Well…probably even then 🙂

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