Random thoughts on the passage of time

Happy anniversary, faithful readers!

A year ago today, I sat down at the computer and penned this little missive: Schrodinger’s Bunnies, bemoaning my inability to tell whether our new rabbits were (or were not) pregnant. Spoiler alert: I still can’t tell. But I love marking the passing of time in this adventure of ours. In fact, we just had our pigiversary (2 years) and our chickeniversary (3 years) in the last few week. Funny, since we don’t really celebrate the relationship one- but I keep a 5 year journal of farm and garden happenings, so we can look back over what worked and what didn’t.  It’s always fun to wake up and remember that, on this day, our first baby pig (temporarily) escaped, or that this is the day we accidentally captured a skunk in a live trap in the yard.

This blog isn’t a cute baby farm animal, although it’s featured a good number of them. But it’s still an accomplishment, even if I can’t eat it. It’s a whole year later, and despite work (and work and work and work), there’s been 56 total posts here, just slightly more than one a week on average. It’s still fun, whomping up recipes to share, and as we roll into spring, there’s plenty of baby animal content on its way to your screens.

But today, while I’m home grading and a big storm is rolling into the Southeast, I have just a few random comments to share, since I couldn’t let the day pass without a post:

  • You can tell it’s springtime (even before the leaves open) when there are eggs on every surface. The egg skelter is full, and we’ll be starting an incubator tomorrow, after the threat of power outage has passed. I’ve added an amazon link to the egg doohickey we use, as we get asked about it all the time.

Our 4 oldest pullets have started laying, but their eggs are still quite small. We’re saving the big ones for the incubator!

  • Last spring’s big wind storm knocked down and broke the hoop house (model A)- so we’ve taken the plastic off for this blow. Fingers crossed that the structure comes through okay.
  • Mr. Bigfoot, patriarch of the Farmlet rabbit herd (population currently 3, but growing) is healing from an injury to his back left foot. Turns out that rabbits enjoy a nice soak in epsom salts about as much as I do.
  • And finally, this weekend is PIG PROCESSING! Hooray! And just in time, as we ate our last meal from Acorn the pig the night before last. I’ll be so happy to have the freezer stocked back up, and our feed costs going down. Watch this space (or not, my vegetarian friends) for a recap. As always, I’ll post a warning at the top of the entry.

So. Not much of deep import, but big happenings (in their own way) are on store for the next few months. I’ll look forward to sharing at least some of them here.

Until next time,



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