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Sheep balls.

You may remember, if you’re part of the small but fervent readership of this blog from back in the day- we have a history of livestock breeding going…shall we say…not EXACTLY to plan. In fact, the very first post on … Continue reading

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I am, at least theoretically, back.

3 years. Yup, it’s been a long time- not because I didn’t love sharing the news of our little farm with all of y’all- but because we had some super big changes, all of which were time-consuming. But here on … Continue reading

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On the purchase of snake tongs.

I think I last wrote here more than a year ago, and MY, how things have changed. I’ll do a bigger update later, when I’ve got a bit more time, but here’s the highlights: Holy cow, we BOUGHT a FARM! … Continue reading

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While we were sleeping

It’s the morning of January 12, and I just woke up to a world entirely changed. It’s not that I wasn’t expecting it, but the Senate’s repeal of significant portions of the Affordable Care Act still hit me like a … Continue reading

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Chicken Jail

Holy cow, y’all- it’s all broody hens all the time here. Last summer, we started adding some Buff Orpington  genes into our Farmlet Mutt flock. They’re BIG birds, sweet, good layers- all characteristics we wanted. But of course, they’re good … Continue reading

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On beds

Hey, all- I know this isn’t Farmlet-specific AT ALL, but I was away at Lesbian Writers Camp this past week, and I wrote this little thing, which I’m going to share here. Some context: for the last 20 years, I’ve … Continue reading

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The pigs are (I kid you not) growing their own food.

I swear, I didn’t forget about the blog, or its tiny but fervent readership- but I taught 6 classes this spring across 3 different school systems, so there’s been basically zero time for leisurely updating. Nonetheless, I’ve been dashing out … Continue reading

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Random thoughts on the passage of time

Happy anniversary, faithful readers! A year ago today, I sat down at the computer and penned this little missive: Schrodinger’s Bunnies, bemoaning my inability to tell whether our new rabbits were (or were not) pregnant. Spoiler alert: I still can’t … Continue reading

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Tofu Nuggets and the Battle for Spring

Here’s the thing about spring in the southeast- it is NOT gradual. No clear easy ramp up from cold to warm, from a scattering of snow in the oak leaves to the tender baby leaves and azalea blossoms. Instead, the … Continue reading

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Spring is coming, I swear.

Well, faithful readers, it’s 35 degrees on the Farmlet tonight. And yet, spring is totally coming. Evidence? The chickens have given up their winter strike: in just a few weeks we’ve gone from no eggs to an occasional egg, to … Continue reading

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