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They’ve figured out where we live.

Wow, eleven adolescent roosters is a LOT of roosters- any day now they’re just going to knock the door down and drag us out to the food can. One more week of the great chicken surplus. The 5 pound dog … Continue reading

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A wave of chickens

…and when I said we were awash in chickens, this is what that looks like: it’s hard to walk across the yard without stepping on the little buggers! A bit of a drive-by, until the semester is really rolling smoothly. … Continue reading

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How many women does it take to pluck a chicken?

Spoiler alert- this post contains photos and video of a chicken being plucked. Although there is absolutely no blood and gore, the chicken is, of course, no longer living. It is not gruesome in any way, but it you’d rather not see a dead chicken, this post is not for you. Continue reading

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