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On baby bunnies and little mamas

Well, it finally happened! Despite our 3 strikes at rabbit breeding, and my anxious post on Friday (see Is this Rabbit Pregnant??), we are finally a small, but breeding, rabbitry. In the last few hours, our girls did basically EVERYTHING … Continue reading

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Gracie kindled in the night (8 kits, we think, all round bellied and healthy), and Rhetta probably will tonight. Much longer post on this topic coming tomorrow. But before I go, look how big the Impulse Chickens are getting! Poor … Continue reading

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Clearly, I wrote too soon. This afternoon, Rhetta is busily making a nest, and exhibiting classic haystache behavior. I think we really really (probably) have at least one pregnant rabbit! Hooray!!! Perhaps our rabbit-raising woes are over. We’ll know for … Continue reading

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Question of the day: Is this rabbit pregnant??

As you may remember, the very first post for this blog detailed our ongoing difficulties in getting our new Blue American rabbits successfully bred and delivered. I even put a little ticker on the bottom of the blog, counting off … Continue reading

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The Colonoscopy, part 2: No legally-binding decisions and no shopping online

It’s sort of magical. You’re there, then you’re not there, then you wake up. I always ask when we’re going to be starting, it’s always already over. A little blip, like time travel, and meanwhile they’ve been inserting cameras up my butt, taking samples and pictures, removing polyps. Continue reading

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Impulse chickens.

Well, it’s still snowy here. Snow over a substantial layer of muck and mud, that is. Which is why, I imagine, I slipped and almost fell out walking the dogs this afternoon. Fortunately, I didn’t QUITE totally fall, into the … Continue reading

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Snow Day: with Cabbage, Salt, and Time

Well, we finally got real snow here in North Carolina, after 2 rounds of Southern Snow Panic that didn’t quite pan out. There’s a solid 6-8 inches of beautiful packy, heavy, tree-limb bending, perfect snowball snow. Waking up this morning, … Continue reading

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Followup: Rabbit glamour shots.

This post is totally safe for the rabbit-lover to view. Yesterday’s post left me sad that I didn’t have any good pictures of the buns to share. So, before our threatened 6-9 inches of snow (which will likely be an … Continue reading

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Schrodinger’s bunnies.

Post contains descriptions of rabbit sex and death. Proceed at your own risk. You know, a great deal of cliches become firmly grounded in fact when you start sharing your life with livestock, particularly the chicken-based aphorisms. The ‘chickens come … Continue reading

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