Spring is coming, I swear.

Well, faithful readers, it’s 35 degrees on the Farmlet tonight. And yet, spring is totally coming. Evidence?

  • The chickens have given up their winter strike: in just a few weeks we’ve gone from no eggs to an occasional egg, to a solid handful each day. We’ve got 4 adults in the rotation, and this past fall’s pullets (the sisters of our giant rooster crop) are starting up as we speak, which will give us ten good laying hens by the time spring is really rolling. This morning, E found a tiny pullet egg next to the feed pans. I’m sure poor Ellie was SUPER surprised when that thing came out of her butt during breakfast.
  • 20160209_091445_2


  • The first tender new leaves have appeared on the elderberry bushes, while the radishes I planted in the hoop house during last week’s warm spell are just beginning to poke up out of the ground.
  • The pigs are EXTRA frisky- unclear whether they’re playing or trying to mate with one another (a little of both, I think)- but it’s pretty fun to watch them frolic.
  • The table is COVERED in seed catalogs: porn for the gardener.

I’m starting to get so excited- I can’t even tell you how beautiful it is here in the springtime. And of course, there’ll be much more news to share as everything bursts into life- and WAY prettier pictures than a patch of bare ground with an egg on it 🙂

Stay tuned.

Until next time,


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