A wave of chickens

…and when I said we were awash in chickens, this is what that looks like: it’s hard to walk across the yard without stepping on the little buggers!

A bit of a drive-by, until the semester is really rolling smoothly. But still! I posted on a work day!

Until next time,


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Nerd. Cook. Animal lover. Pen for hire.
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3 Responses to A wave of chickens

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  2. ArtReach says:

    Reblogged this on ArtReach at Home and commented:
    Giving new meaning to chicken run! Great post faegood.


  3. ArtReach says:

    Thanks faegood for the wave of chickens video. I’ve been laughing at it since you posted it back in January and just found an excuse to use it on my blog. Watch for my post The Truth About Chickens due out May 1. Keep ’em coming!


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