A little self back-patting

I have to say, I’m really happy now about our choice of heritage Blue American rabbits, for our tiny rabbitry. Not only did we have a super successful round of mating (finally)…but after posting on CL, we sold HALF the total kits (at 35 bucks apiece), more than paying for the extra food costs while the kits were growing.

Look how BIG we are!

Look how BIG we are!

Since we’ll be gone all summer, it didn’t really make sense to send them all to freezer camp if they could find new homes. I’m excited to help other folks get started with these wonderful animals. Plus, this means that the whole operation here at the Farmlet has paid for itself for the last few months: enough income from rabbits and eggs to pay for the feed for both species, even AFTER we’re eating our fill. Now I’m super jazzed to start the next round, the moment I get home from summer work.


(Selling rabbits makes me feel like we need a name for our little rabbit concern. Any suggestions? Put them in the comments!)

Until next time,


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