The view from my ‘office’

I have to say, there’s no better time in all the world to work from home than springtime. Every day the gorgeous view from what I like to call my ‘office annex’ (a rocking chair on the back porch) changes… azaleas in bloom, the trees leafing out, the grass filling in from where the chickens have trodden it into mud all winter.

That clematis is going nuts up the railing, and you can’t SEE the big fat fuzzy bumblebees and butterflies, but I promise they’re there. We haven’t seen our first hummingbird yet, but I feel certain one will show up in the next few days, since they LOVE the azaleas, about as much as me. Fascinating fact: did you know that if your honeybees were to feed off the azaleas, they’d actually make TOXIC honey? It’s a good thing they don’t like them at all, preferring to hit up all the tiny flowers blooming in what we like to charitably call ‘the grass’.

It almost makes up for doing my taxes. Or at least, makes it a bit less painful.

Until next time,


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