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Roast Chicken with Preserved Lemons

There hasn’t been a recipe here for a bit, what with all the life going on…but today’s the day. Herein please find the recipe for the best roast chicken you ever had in your life. Now, I realize this is … Continue reading

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Rabbits on Pasture

Today, the Small Buns are officially pastured rabbits, having made the transition from tiny alien newborns to weaned youngsters. It seems astonishing and not really possible that they’re already five weeks old.

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Feminism? What’s THAT got to do with chickens?

When I was setting up this blog, I made the tag line “food, farm animals, and feminists.” In part, the alliteration made me giggle…but there was a deeper reason as well. I think that much of the online resources about … Continue reading

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The view from my ‘office’

I have to say, there’s no better time in all the world to work from home than springtime. Every day the gorgeous view from what I like to call my ‘office annex’ (a rocking chair on the back porch) changes… … Continue reading

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The Small Buns are moving on up!

No, not to the big time, to their fancy new rabbit tractor! I wanted to grab this opportunity to get one more good video of the Small Buns: you see, they’ll be moving out to their larger, more opulent digs … Continue reading

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Real Biscuits (gluten free)

We’ve already established here that I think most GF packaged baked goods are pretty terrible and not worth the money. Since I love baking in general, and my sweetheart is gluten free, this means I spend a fair amount of … Continue reading

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Solid food, and the ‘intelligence’ of chickens

It’s a glorious morning, here on the Farmlet. We finally got some much needed rain last night, in the form of a beautiful little thunderstorm, and all is green and moist. The adult chickens are racing all over the yard, … Continue reading

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Quick Daikon Refrigerator Pickles

I keep going out to the garden, staring at the tiny kale, spinach, arugula, spring onion and snow pea shoots that are peeping out from the black soil, and muttering “grow, grow, grow!” You see, we got really spoiled this … Continue reading

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Bunny of the day

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On the naming of livestock

When we first started raising animals for our own consumption, the most popular piece of advice we received was “Don’t name them. You won’t want to eat something you’ve given a name.” I generally found this advice fairly perplexing, having … Continue reading

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