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Hooray! I’m having a colonoscopy! (part 1: the prep)

I’m having a colonoscopy on Monday. And, as it happens, a pregnancy test. No, I’m not 50 yet, nor is there anything particularly wrong. I’m also not pregnant. You see, I have Crohns Disease, have since my 20s, and thus … Continue reading

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Rhubarb Custard Tart (gluten free) or: ‘What I can and can’t do while my back is out.’

Springtime at last, and we’re all super ready for it over here. The rabbits are twice as bouncy, the chickens are ranging off deep into the woods in hopes of bugs and grubs, and the dogs are running around like … Continue reading

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And just like that, it is SPRING!

A week ago, we had a brief flirtation with what I like to call ‘Real Winter’: 8 solid inches of snow that hung around for 5 whole days. Again, I love the South. But today, it is all spring peepers … Continue reading

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French Green Beans (fermented pickles)

Can I tell you how much I love pickles? Sweet, sour, half sour, pickle relish, I’m all in. I also adore olives and capers, and even mustard, which I think of as pickle-adjacent. I’m also ENTIRELY obsessed with pickled cranberries, … Continue reading

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A Quick Chick Check-in

Just in case you’ve been on pins and needles about how the Impulse Chickens are doing, I’m happy to say they’re settling in well: peeping their fool heads off, sleeping, eating, and pooping. It’s good to have a purpose, right? … Continue reading

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Connection, and the Matriarchy of Sourdough

I have a conflicted relationship with my own generational ties of food and love, and yes…obligation to the women of my family of origin. At the same time, I am blessed to have passionate, strong, supportive ties to the women of my community, my heart’s ancestors and kin, with whom I share meals and comfort and struggle. This is echoed in the little pots of sourdough I’ve sent off with friends, so that a piece of my kitchen and the work of my hands can be shared between us. Continue reading

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Embracing Imperfection: Sourdough Bread

When I sketched out my little list of ‘things to blog about’, sourdough bread was right at the top of the list. You see, I LOVE bread, am an avid baker, and am somewhat anthropomorphically attached to my sourdough starter, … Continue reading

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